Welcome to my website, hope you get some enjoyment from my artwork & feel free to skip the following about me blurb.

Born in Oxford UK and now living in a small town in Cornwall (UK). A major source of inspiration in my early artwork was landscape and natural objects; this led to an appreciation of the work of the impressionists, particularly the work of Alfred Sisley. Later I developed a keen interest in the dreamlike images created by the surrealist painters as well the the expressionistic style of more modern landscape painters. I believe all these influences can be seen in my painting. In general my artwork is about creating atmosphere. I also have an interest in photography on an amateur basis; mainly for reference, but occasionally I take a few shots that are worth remaining as photography.

  • Soldier
  • Bombing Run
  • Final Flight
  • King Arthur's Hall, Bodmin Moor
  • Dartmoor, dusk
  • Spider
  • Autumn
  • Swept
  • Paper Castle
  • The Game.
  • The Explorer and the Leopard.
  • Mine Ruin in the rain